Nzuri Natural Hair Health & Makeup Expo The Largest African American Holiday Shopping Event in the U.S.A.


Most of you have probably heard of the Nzuri Natural Hair Health & Makeup Expo. This event is taking place on Dec Dec. 5-6 and it’s an event that you don’t want to miss! This event is created to inspire and educate women on natural hair, health, makeup, and lifestyle. Our goal is to create an Ultimate educational, empowerment and entertainment experience for all to enjoy.

Here’s the purpose of the event:
The 7th annual Nzuri Natural Hair Health & Makeup Expo is Houston’s first and Texas’ largest natural hair Festival. You will find everything under one roof when you attend a Nzuri function. We hope to see you this year at the NRG Center (Formerly Reliant). A great event for the entire family!    ——taken from

In This Post, I speak on one of the many reasons you should be at the NRG Center Dec. 5-6.

Nzuri has five fashion shows under one roof, I got to catch up with one of the ladies that are competing in the Ms. Fab Over 40 show via email.

Hi Damaris, Thank you for taking the time answer my questions. 

Also thank you for taking the time and reading and commenting on my last post about the Full Figured Foxy competition. In the comments you stated you are competing in Fab over 40 Competition and I was excited to reach out to you. 



Tell the readers a little about yourself. Who is Damaris Alston? Damaris Alston is a Vivacious mother of 6 kids. 3 sons, 3 daughters and a Glam-ma to a rambunctious granddaughter. I’m a Professional, working in Law Enforcement for many years. I’m a role model, a mentor and have a strong Passion for Fashion. I actually decided to do this competition to show my daughters that with dedication, commitment and hard work, anything is attainable.

Have you competed in any competitions or fashion shows before? I have never competed, but I have done a few Débutante Balls.

If so do you prefer competitions or just fashion shows? I think at this point, my preference would be with competitions. I Love the excitement I’m experiencing and it really gets your adrenaline pumping, while gearing you up to compete.

Where do you shop to keep yourself Fab? I am very selective with my Fashion. But, there are definitely a few local Boutiques  that I Love shopping at. DBL Boutique/ Designs by Lynn is one of my favorites, they always carry plus size and have the latest of very Trendy and Stylish fashions. The owner Marcie is a Stylist who keeps me turning heads with the exquisite pieces that she carries. I also keep Fab with Monif C. online Boutique, and of course Ashley Stewart for my casual and sporty looks.

Have you attended any of the Nzuri Festival in past years, if so did you enjoy and what is your favorite part? Unfortunately, I have not attended in the past. But, with all certainty I will not miss another!

Are you looking forward to the Fab over 40 competition? I’m ecstatic about the competition! I’m looking forward to all the excitement it has to offer. I’m preparing myself for one of the biggest journeys in the start of my modeling career. And although, my competition is fierce, I will be utilizing all that I have learned and Strutting my stuff with pure Confidence and Class!

What type of things will you be judged on in the competition? We will be judged on a host of things. Pre-show participation began immediately following orientation. So the judging has already began. Also, our choice of Evening Gown, Stage performance, Confidence, Personality and of course the Runway walk. Ticket sales are imperative, since we will also be judged by the audience participation.

What would you say is the number one reason to attend the Nzuri Natural Hair Festival? For the Knowledge and opportunity to experience one of the largest Natural Hair & Fashion Expo’s ever. It also brings the community together, while inspiring woman with the many phases of Beauty and Fashion. It’s an experience that will be everlasting.

Thank you for taking the time to respond and I look forward to seeing you at the show. I will be there to cheer you on  Thank you for the opportunity to allow me to share a little about my experience competing in the Nzuri Fashion Festival 2015.

I look forward to meeting some of my readers there. Tickets are $12 online and $15 at door can be purchased at  CHILDREN 12 & UNDER ARE FREE WITH TICKETED ADULT

Source: I Am Trell 

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